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Theaters / The M.Auezov Kazakh State Academic drama theatre

On January, 13th, 1926 the first professional Kazakh theatre lifted the curtain in the city of Kyzyl-orda. The first performances were fragments from plays " the Gold ring " of K.Kemengeruly and "Enlik-Kebek" of M. Auezov. Such actors brought contribution to development of the theatre, as K.Badyrov, S.Kozhamkulov, K.Zhandarbekov. The well-known coryphaeuses during many years worked on a stage of theatre. The first directors of theatre were Z.Ajmauytov, Z.Shanin, S.Kozhamkulov, K.Kuanyshbaev, M. Auezov. The head of the Commissariat of national education of Kazakhstan Smagul Sadvakasov was one of the figures who took part in opening of the Kazakh theatre.

In 1928 the Kazakh theatre moved to city Almaty.

Per 1933-1934 the theatre was divided into drama theatre and musical studio.

In 1937 the theatre received the title Academic.

In thirties at the Kazakh theatre Russian professional directors M. B.Nosonov, I.B.Borov, M. A.Sokolovsky worked.

The theatre gave such talented coryphaeuses, as S.Kozhamkulov, K.Kuanyshbaev, K.Bajseitov, K.Badyrov, K.Zhandarbekov, E.Omirzakov and others.

Poet-improvisator Isa Bajzakov, singer Amre Kashaubaev, fighter Kazhymukan Munajtpasov communicated with masters of theatre. In a life of the theatre Kuliash Baiseitova, Zura Atabaeva, Sharbanu Baizakova, Orazke Kashsaubaeva, Malike Shamova, Zhanbike Shanina, Hadisha Zhienkulova, D.Ongarbaeva took active participation. Today names of the first Kazakh actresses are entered by gold letters in history of theatre

On a stage of the Kazakh theatre the first Kazakh professional directors Askar Topanov, Aubakir Ismailov, Nurgali Beisenov worked.

In 1946, in commemoration of 20-th anniversary the Kazakh academic drama theatre was awarded by " the Labour Red Banner ". With arrival to theatre Z. Sharipova, I.Nogajbaev, F.Sharipova, T.Zhajlybekov, N.Zhanturin and others the theatre became rich with young talents.

On August, 10th, 1961 the Ministerial council of Kazakh republic gave name of the great writer M. Auezov to the Kazakh State academic theatre of drama.

The theatre took part in the international theatrical festivals, in 1973 at the international theatrical festival of the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America in the city of Shiraz in Iran, staged performance "Ana-Zher-Ana" of C.Ajtmatov.

In 1984 at the international theatrical festival in the French city Nancy showed performance " Kozy Korpesh - Bayan sulu " of G.Musrepov.

In 1996 the performance " Last days of Abylai " of M. Baiserkrnov was shown at the international theatrical festival in Cairo of Egypt.

In 2003 the theatre, having shown performance "Aiman-Sholpan" of M. Auezov at the international theatrical festival in Iran, received a high estimation of spectators.

Such performances as "Pair" (Gogol), " the Poem of love " (Musrepov), " Before a sunset " (Gauptman), " Gipsy серенада " (Saparbaj), "Hamlet" (Shakespeare), staged in the theatre for the last few years, have been shown in all areas of Kazakhstan and warmly met by spectators.

The young actors who appear on stage of the theatre, continue its traditions. Such actors as G.Abdinabieva, M. Omar, K.Nurlanov, B.Turys, B.Kozha, G.Kulzhanov, S.Zhanysbekova, S.Askarova, D.Zhusyp, A.Surapbaev, are popular not only on a theatrical stage, but also at cinema and on TV.

In 2005 the theatre opened the 80-th season tours in the city of Kyzylorde where its first curtain in the past time was lifted. In a new season such new performances as "Kara kempir " (A.Amzeuly), "Kazakhs" (K.Iskak, Shahimardan) have been presented to attention of spectators.

The 80-years anniversary is met by such new searches of the M.Auezov Kazakh academic theatre which is at the head of national art.

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